FileGator v4.2.9 – Codecanyon Download


FileGator v4.2.9 Codecanyon

Advanced Multi-User PHP File Manager & AJAX Uploader Upload, edit, manage, zip and share files and folders. Multiple user accounts with private folders and permissions.


  • Upload multiple files simultaneously with Ajax and manage them online
  • Drag&Drop files to start upload
  • Copy, move, rename, create, edit or delete online files and folders
  • Create archives with zip or unzip and decompress files online
  • Hierarchical Treeview
  • Search files and folders
  • Preview images in gallery mode
  • Multiple user accounts + guest account
  • User sign up & password recovery
  • Adjustable read/write/upload permissions for each user
  • Admin interface for managing user accounts
  • Home directories for each user or default directory if not specified
  • Choose whether to store users inside mysql database or a single json file
  • Sending file links via email (php mail() or smtp)
  • Google url shortener for email links
  • Very fast and user-friendly interface
  • Translatable interface with a single language file
  • Full source code included, flash free, highly configurable

*Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and earlier does not support multiple file upload, drag&drop uploads and real-time progress bar.


The installation of FileGator is very simple. Copy all files to server, login as admin and add one or more users and you are ready to go. Note that web server must have read/write permissions to config/ and repository/ folders.

If you want to use mysql database to store your users then update configuration.php file and create table with database.sql script.

System Requirements & Compatibility

  • PHP Versions 5.2 or higher + Apache. Consult your server administrator or hosting provider about this.
  • Browsers: Microsoft IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
  • Operating Systems: Windows or Linux


FileGator v4.2.9 – Codecanyon Download

FileGator v4.2.9 Download