Media Manager for CodeIgniter Download


Media Manager for CodeIgniter

Media Manager is a simple CodeIgniter based PHP script that can be used to store and manage files of different formats. Admin panel is provided to configure various settings related to uploading media like file size, allowed file formats, etc. Login and registration functionality provided to allow number of users to manage their own media.


  • Folder tree structure with media counter.
  • Upload different format files.
  • Create folders.
  • Remove single or multiple files or folders.
  • Rename file or folder.
  • Thumb and details of files/folders.
  • Auto-thumbnail creation of large files.
  • 64 file icons for uploaded file types.
  • Masonry layout for thumbnail view.
  • Image popup preview with navigation.
  • Responsive Layout, Off-Canvas layout on small screens.
  • Admin panel to list user details, manage various script configuration.
  • Login and registration functionality.
  • Installer script to setup script.
  • Easy customization and integration.
  • Well documented and commented code.
  • W3C validated HTML & CSS.


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