Scops Engine v2.0.41 – Social Networking Platform


Scops Engine v2.0.41 – Social Networking Platform
Scops Engine – Social networking framework & platform. it is innovative social networking website that can be used in your business and serve as a base to create a social networking website for you school, university and etc.


v: 2.0.41 Date: February 17, 2017 * Error corrections * German language bug * Uploading new image bug * Themes bug * Connection bug v: 2.0.4 Date: February 1, 2017 * Ads manager * Verified badges * Post editing * Fixed bug ( Empty email ) * Automatic installation added ( Now you can easily install Scops ) * And much more v: 2.0.3 Date: January 11,2017 * Geolocation added * User is available to react to a comment( Like/Dislike ) * New language pack added( German ) * Bug fixes v: 2.0.1 Date: December 20,2016 * Added 3 New themes * Added new settings tab * Added Video call (works only with SSL chertificate) * Added metetions * Added news feed filter by news (audio , video , friends , groups , photos and only text) * Added only follow like facebook and (follow and add to friends) * Added 5 languages (Russian , English , Armenian , Francis , Bulgarian) * Added new design on the games + categories section now you can play and enjoy fully * Added new modal box profile and page (group) for the info button. * New URL Expander * New modal box with users who like this * New modal box with users who dislike this * Added change the current theme from profile setings * Added change url of the profile from profile settings * Added show me or no in the datting section * Fixed issue with the voice control website , now is more easy to control the website only with voice * All ajax requests are updated for more speed for the website * User Interface Improvements * Fixed admin send to all users push notification issues * Fixed security issues * Fixed security issues with the admin panel * Fixed issues with audio player * Fixed: All know issues


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